Field Work

November 16, 2019

The PGP-DL offers ample opportunities for field work, to enable students to practically apply what they have learned on the ground. ISDM's PGP-DL is a one-year course that offers rigorous academic and field experience. There are 8 terms which include 6 Class Room Terms and 2 Field Terms. The Field Terms include 2 weeks of structured field immersion in a district in India called Realising India, and 7 weeks of Residency with a partner organisation to work on real development sector organisation problems.

Realising India is a two-week immersion in Term 3 where teams of 8-10 students will spend 2 weeks in a district exploring the issues and challenges in the district, the work that is being done by various actors in the social sector, and, through a facilitated process, reflect on their experience.

The Residency is an engagement with a development organisation in Term 7 where students in teams of 2-4 will identify and work on a problem. This will provide a real opportunity for students to apply their knowledge and skills.

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