An integral part of ISDM's one year PGP in Development Leadership is praxis. Almost a quarter of the total programme time is spent in the field, as Realising India (2 weeks) and the Residency / Internship (7 weeks). 

These are structured experiences that will help students to deepen their perspectives and understanding of the ecosystem in which they will work. It will also hone the skills required to apply relevant and appropriate bodies of knowledge to solve problems in social sector organisations.

During the 8 week Residency, students will work in groups of two, three or four along with members (staff) of the organisation. They will work on a real problem that an organisation is facing, one that is 'important but not urgent' for the organisation. The intent is that students focus on organisational problems (e.g. strategy, structure, systems and processes, fund raising, programme operations, partnerships, communications etc.).

The student team will work closely with the concerned people in the organisation and will bring to bear their knowledge and skills to move significantly towards an implementable solution. The students will also receive support from the faculty and mentors at ISDM, as required, and will prepare a report to document the process and the outcomes.

Important dates for Residency

  • Partner Organizations to share a problem that they want students to work on by 14th January 2020
  • Students express interest for projects based on their skills and interest areas by 28th January 2020
  • ISDM maps out and assigns students to projects to ensure reasonable meeting of partner and student expectations by 12th February 2020