Post Graduate Programme in Development Leadership

The Post Graduate Programme in Development Leadership (PGP-DL) is ISDM’s flagship initiative. It has been designed by leading academics and practitioners from both the development and management sectors. The PGD-DL is designed “to develop a cadre of management professionals that can manage and lead social purpose organisations for sustainable social impact at scale.”

The PGP DL is a one-of-its-kind programme that blends ideas of development with management theories, combining in-class sessions with collaborative group work, and a field component that grounds the programme in the real needs of the sector.

Signature components of the Programme

  • Customised Courses for Social Sector Organisations: These are courses that are unique to the needs of the Social Sector, for example Networks and Partnerships, and Fund Raising and Resource Mobilisation.
  • Customised workshops: These are workshops that build perspectives, knowledge and skills required by a development professional. For example, Radical Transformational Leadership is a series of workshops that helps build capacity to unleash the full potential of individuals.
  • Compulsory Harvard Business Publishing Courses: This set of courses have been specially curated to help the student hone skills that are critical for Development Management. Students will get a certificate from HBP.
  • Curated Guest Lecture series – Interaction with SPO/Development leaders/Management gurus yearlong
  • Year-long CBCL (Context-Based Collaborative Learning): This signature pedagogy facilitates the application of business management concepts and methods to the context of Social Purpose Organisations. This involves collaborating with peers in groups facilitated by a bricoleur (mentor).
Curricular Structure for PGP-DL

The PGP-DL curriculum has been carefully designed to provide students with relevant knowledge, its...

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ISDM’s faculty are of great repute from diverse backgrounds and with vast interdisciplinary experience....

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Fees & Scholarships

The tuition fees for the 1 year PGP-DL programme is Rs 5,00,000 (Rupees Five Lakhs). There are...

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If you cannot find an answer please get in touch with us using the contact section and we'll try to...

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